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About Modéerska Huset

My name is Jenny Modéer and in 2011 I
founded Modéerska Huset. The roots of Modéerska Huset are in a little rural town called Mönsterås in the county of Småland in Sweden, in the very house were my granddad was born and grew up. But the actual place of the company is in Majorna in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Modéerska Huset makes fashion for playing, fantasizing, fantastic children with loads of hand drawn prints in marvellous colours. The garments are designed for comfort and to suit the various seasons of the year.

Environmentally friendly is sustainable! Modéerska Huset makes fashionable, exclusive children's clothes with as little environmental impact as possible, so therefore the materials used are of 100% certified organic cotton.

The sizes are from newborn up to 10 years old. A few items are even available for babies born too early!